Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Classified Ads

We are building a free classified site to augment myservicelocator.com This new classified site can be found on twitter @iclassifiedit and on facebook http://iclassifiedit.com

Friday, September 5, 2008

Link Structure

We, after great debate, have made a huge change to myservicelocator.com. We have rewritten all of the internal links within the site. This change will add relevancy to site and promote our customers more effectively. We expect to be fully indexed by the top search engines within three months with the new structure. We have kept the existing links active and have implemented a ISAPI filter that redirects current requests. We hope that the change doesn't cause an inconvenience and we know it will be beneficial in time.

Thank you again,
Jason Bane

Building Link Popularity

Building Link popularity is key to successful Internet marketing. We have recently released an easy way for you to increase you website relevancy and popularity. We have created a few easy to install buttons designed to link your website to your Business Profile with a simple to use, copy and paste code. Simply login into your Pro-Center click on the link "Add links to your Business Profile" select a button and copy the code.
Once you have copied the code, open your website editor (or give the code to your IT person) and paste the code between the body tags of your web page. Adding this link is a great way to add a truly relevant link that will help promote your search engine placement within Google and other web search engines.

Thank you again for using http://myservicelocator.com/,
Jason Bane
Founder / CEO

Saturday, August 2, 2008

City Search Made Easy

We have just recently added new City Pages to the site. These new pages are dynamic and allow you to see weather, local events, Maps, Business listings and more. We are pleased with the response we have already and hope to increase the amount of information over time.

We have also recently revamped the local search results. this change was designed to move us up a bit in search engine placement.

Another recent addition included adding a reciprocal link option to the Pro-Center giving paid for members an easy way to build up their web sites relevancy, through the use of a reciprocal link to the profile they have created on MyServiceLocator.com

Jason Bane
Fouder / CEO

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Home Page (Dynamic Content Links)

We have redone our home page to reflect our new search. Now when visiting the home page of the site you will notice your location has been preloaded allowing you to simply click on the category you are searching for in your area.

If you visit the home page and see Detroit MI, simply change your location and future visits will load information for your area. This is done by setting a cookie based on your input as long as the cookie exists your city information will be present on the index page of the site. We felt that this would make the site a bit more user friendly and promote return visitation.

We will be adding more local content for every city we have in our database. We expect to have nearly everything you could be seeking within the next year.

NEW SEARCH "What and Where"

Our new search is an exercise in relevancy. We have found that the biggest issue people encounter while looking for a local business is that most search engines use the Business web site as a source of content in order to display results from your search. This works; however any business can simply add anything they want to their website or business profile making the search results returned by most search engines truly irrelevant.

Myservicelocator.com uses a two tired category system to return results that are far more relevant than any other search engine. We have implemented a reverse engineered search on the site that allows you to simply type a short keyword to see a list of pre designated categories on the site that are related to what you are actually looking for. Sounds really simple and yet other search engines don't yet incorporate this logic into their sites, making your search an exercise in patience and futility. To see an example of this

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Over the last week we made a few changes. One of the most obvious of these is that we moved the site to a faster server. Some of you may have noticed that we were having intermittent outages on the site and some of the searches weren’t working well those issues have no be resolved. We hope that the move turns out to be more helpful than inconvenient in the long run. We will be doing a few more changes to the site over the next few weeks however none of the changes will affect the performance and should for the most part be transparent. I apologies for any inconvenience the server upgrade caused.

One of the major changes that we are working on is adding a web hosting to the services we offer. we haven’t worked out all of the details with the new service but expect to have it up and running in the next 2 months. Pricing is one of issues we are working right now and we will be offering a package deal (Hosting/Email and a Premium Local Business Listing)

Thank you again for using Myservicelocator.com

Jason Bane
Founder / CEO